2020 Events

COVID-19 UPDATE. Public gatherings through the end of May 2020 are cancelled. For ceremonies, our members plan to perform OBOD's Solo Rituals at the same date and time that we had planned to gather. For moots, we will adopt an online conference model, probably Zoom. For gatherings planned in June and after, we're waiting to see if stay-home orders will be extended that far. Email us for more info on any events.

Visitors may attend our social moots and public ceremonies; please email us for details of the location.

Private ceremonies may be attended only by members. How can you become a member? Meet with us at any three public events, and if you and we agree it's a good fit, you can join!    Membership FAQ


Ceremonies, Moots and Festivals

This year, some of our members are planning to attend OBOD and neopagan festivals, if they haven't been cancelled. These are marked on our calendar below in green.

Moon talkSun, Jan 19thafternoonPrivate, at a member's home
ImbolcSun, Feb 2ndmorningOpen to visitors, at a member's home.
Water weaving ritualSun, Feb 23rdafternoonPrivate, at a member's home
EquinoxAlban EilirSun, Mar 22ndmorningPublic gathering cancelled; rites performed individually from home.
SocialSat, Apr 11thafternoonZoom
BeltaneSun, May 3rdmorningPublic gathering cancelled; rites performed individually from home.
MAGUSThu, May 14th - 17thmulti-dayPostponed till 2021; Gore, VA
UntamedFri, May 29th - 31stmulti-dayPostponed till 2021; Berthoud, CO
SocialSun, May 31stafternoonCancelled
SolsticeAlban HefinSun, Jun 21stmorningOpen to visitors with face masks; in a public park in Arvada
Air Weaving ritualSun, July 12thafternoonZoom
Lughnasadh GamesSat, Aug 1st - 2ndovernightPrivate, at a member's home
DragonfestThu, Aug 6th - 9thmulti-dayVirtual
SocialSun, Aug 30thafternoonZoom
Elemental WorkshopFri, Sep 11th - 13thmulti-dayPrivate, at a member's home
Dragon OakThu, Sep 17th - 20thmulti-dayOpen to OBOD members; Milford, PA
EquinoxAlban ElfedSun, Sep 20thmorningOpen to visitors; at a public park, Arvada
Fire Weaving ritualSat, Oct 10thafternoonZoom
SamhuinnSun, Nov 1steveningPrivate, at a member's home
2021 PlanningSun, Nov 22ndafternoonZoom
SolsticeAlban ArthanSun, Dec 20thmorningOpen to visitors; at a public park in Arvada
Drumming Up the SunMon, Dec 21stsunrise!Open to public; at Red Rocks Amphitheater

A Moot is a meeting of grove members to perform a group practice, or just to have social time. Visitors may meet us at Social moots.

What are the Lughnasadh Games? In 2018, we held a day-long event that included friendly competitions of knife-throwing, axe-throwing and archery, plus labyrinth-walking, drumming, and more, followed by a potluck feast, culminating in a marvelous Lughnasadh ceremony, with representatives from three OBOD groves. Overnight camping was also an option for those who came from far away. The second annual games in 2019 were also a great success, even extended the second day to host micro-workshops to learn or create. This event is for members only.

At the Elemental Workshop, grove Druids will teach a weekend intensive workshop on Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, diving deep into their symbolism and energies, exploring how to work with them in our lives. This event is for members only.

Drumming Up the Sun is a unique opportunity--each winter solstice, over a hundred people gather before dawn in the upper rows at Red Rocks to drum our hearts out in anticipation of the sun's return. Bring your djembe, bodhran, dunun, doumbek or tambourine and join in this joyful celebration of the great wheel turning. This year our Yule ceremony falls on the same date, so we'll plan it to mesh with this early event, yet you can attend either one or both according to your desire. This event is open to the public.

For more information, send us an email at flameandwellgrove@gmail.com


Our grove serves members along the Colorado Front Range (US) including the Denver and Boulder metropolitan areas. We hold most of our public ceremonies in Arvada, and private events at member's homes from south of Denver, up to Boulder, and into the foothills.